Monday, October 27, 2008

The average, ignorant American and politics today

I don't really follow politics. I don't vote, and keep from having an opinion. Obviously, though, keeping yourself entirely free of a presidential election, and definitely this one, is kind of hard. There are so many absurdities in it. From McCain rambling on about Obama's celebrity status to praising Palin about her's, to Palin going out and buying $150,000 worth of clothes, to Michelle Obama's "For the first time in my adult life" blunder, there has been no other election that has been this crazy to keep track of. The "Iron my Shirt" incident was priceless.

Part of the reason, though, that I have been keeping such a close watch on this election is because of a man at my job, Mick.* Mick is a staunch McCain supporter. He literally hates Barack Obama. He criticizes everything Obama does. I bet if Obama didn't let down the toilet seat, Mick would scream how he was not fit to be president.

At one point, Mick was talking to me about Ayers, Obama's acquaintance who was at one time a terrorist. He asked me if I knew anything about this and I told him I heard about it but wasn't extremely knowledgeable on the matter. He then proceeded to tell me how I represented the average, ignorant American. I took offense but kept my mouth shut. He then showed me some facts about the Obama-Ayers relationship. When he thought he had my full attention and was starting to sway me to his side (I can assure you he wasn't. I think he believes that I am an Obama supporter because I'm bi-racial, black mother, white father. I don't have the heart to tell him I don't have an opinion) he finally let me get back to work.

When I got home I proceeded to check his statements and found that he didn't know his facts. He is so against Obama that he will believe anything anyone tells him that paints Obama in a bad light. I can't stand listening to him but I have a problem that whenever something bad is said about McCain, I have to prod him about it. I can't wait until November 4. If Obama wins, I will let him have it! It is very exciting!

Another thing Mick did that was so funny is how he completely changed his opinion to match the circumstances. When the big deal was Obama v.s. Clinton, Mick told me that he wanted Obama to beat Clinton because America was not ready for a female president. He said women relied too much on emotion then they should and not enough on logic. He then said that even if Obama won, he wanted McCain to beat him because Obama was too much of a celebrity and didn't have enough experience.

Enter Sarah Palin. Extremely low experience, woman, and bigger celebrity then Obama. Yet Mick said that she had enough experience, America is ready for a woman president, and that her celebrity status is a good thing. It can only help McCain in the long run.

Needless to say, I wanted to puke. If anything, Mick is a prime example of your "average, ignorant American." I won't tell him any of this but I honestly feel that since I have more of a neutral view of this, I can see the entire picture clearly, not blur the parts I want to ignore and brighten the parts I want to focus on.

If only everyone could be like that. Indeed, if only people could see how Christians should view politics.

Jesus Christ, when on earth, said this in prayer to his Father, Jehovah. "I have given your word to them, but the world has hated them, because they are no part of the world, just as I am not part of the world. I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one. They are no part of the world,just as I am no part of the world."-John 17:14-16

Christ made it very clear that we as Christians are to be no part of the world. Why? Because neither God nor Christ is ruler of the world. Who is? Satan the Devil! The Bible calls Satan "ruler of the world" and "God of this world" as well as saying that the "whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; 2 Corinthians 4:4, English Standard Version; 1 John 5:19) For a Christian to be a part of the world would be partaking in what the Bible calls "the spirit of the world."-1 Corinthians 2:12, compare Ephesians 2:1-2

Being separate from the world means being neutral in politics, like Jesus Christ was. (John 6:15) Too, being separate means shunning materialism and self-centeredness. (1 John 2:15-17) Regarding people who did these things James said, "Adulteresses, do you not know that the friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever, therefore, wants to be a friend of the world is constituting himself an enemy of God."-James 4:4

Why is this Christian separateness so important? "The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world." (James 1:27) Our very worship is affected when we are not free from the world!

You see, two things are important to consider when we speak of this. First, the true government under Jesus Christ is the government that Christians uphold. This is called "Kingdom of God". (Mark 1:15) This Kingdom will destroy all wickedness and usher in world-wide peace. (Psalm 37:10-11, 29; Daniel 2:44) For us to throw in a vote for an earthly government is to vote against God's Kingdom and Jesus Christ.

Second, to be a good subject of any government, you must follow the laws of that government. The King, Jesus, has told us to refrain from being materialistic. (Matthew 6:19-23; Mark 10:17-25; Luke 12:15-21) If we do these things, as well as follow his other commands, our worship will be clean and undefiled to our God.