Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Great Tribulation, Pt. 2

In the second part of my dream, things were a little jumpy, not staying in one situation nor having a logical bridge to the next situation. I want to believe that they are two parts of the same dream but could be two different dreams entirely with the same premise. In this one, we are again in about the second day of the Great Tribulation...


In the dream, I walked into a local Christian bookstore, wanting to see how they were reacting. Interestingly, it seemed to be more of a Christian flea market, where people from different "Christian" denominations and "Christian"-based religions can come together to sell their favorite Bible translations and church publications.

After walking in, I saw all the people throwing their Bible's into trashcans, where fires were lit. One group was destroying NLT's, another NIV's, and even another KJV's. One other group, a Sacred Name group, was not burning their Bible's, which were the Zikarown Say'fer Bible. They were trying to give theirs to other people. I took on of the pocket size Bible's (roughly the size of our NWT's) and slipped it into my pocket. I remember being happy that I had a Bible, since all of the New World Translations were either stashed away or confiscated.

There were four more Zikarown Say'fer Bible's in the bin when the group burning the NLT's grabbed them and threw them into the fire...

After this the scene changed, getting even weirder.

...Evidently, some kind of curfew had been enforced and I was not allowed to leave the Christian flea market. The police officers provided blankets and pillows so that we could sleep on the ground. The police officers were posted in the outside entryway so that we could not leave.

One young man next to me, who was part of the Sacred Name group, sighed and pulled out his copy of the Bible and started reading it. Another man who had been burning the NLT took one look at him, got up, and informed the police officers at the door of what was going on. They came in and looked in the direction that the young man was pointing--and thought that he was pointing at me.

As the two police officers walked closer I leaned up, not knowing what to do because I didn't want to bring attention to the person next to me. I started to pull out my Bible to give to them but the young man who had originally pulled out the Bible jumped up and started to run. One of the police officers ran after him.

By this time, everyone in the room was standing up. The police officer grabbed me and started feeling my pocket's, finding the Bible. He smiled and hit me. I smiled back, grabbed the Bible and ran, jumping over blankets and pillows scattered on the floor. He wasn't so lucky, tripping over a tangle of blankets and giving me the opportunity to escape.

When I got outside I saw the original young man get into a car and I jumped in with him.

"It's better if we split up." He said, "Do you still have your Bible?"

I nodded and he said, "Get in another car."

I got out and slipped into Dodge Nitro. "I don't know how to start it. The keys aren't in here."

The young man got out of the car, came to mine, and started it for me. He went back into his car and started driving off. I followed him but the young man who told on us came flying into the parking lot. The one who helped me start my car hit him...

The scene changed at this part again.

...The young man and I were in an interrogation room, waiting for someone to come in. While we were waiting, we started to talk.

"What's your name?" He asked me.

"Shawn. And yours?"


"It's a shame that we ended up getting our Bible's taken." I said.

Before we could continue, the door opened and someone on crutches and covered in bandages came into the room. It was the young man who got hit by the car!

"So, Shawn and Brett. Thanks for what you did, by the way. I realized that religious people are nuts. I can't believe that I ever believed in the Bible!" He smiled.

"I know that you two are stubbornly holding onto your religious beliefs. What religions are you?"

"I'm part of the Assemblies of Yahweh, based off of Deuteronomy 23:8 where it says, 'The children of the third generation that are born unto them shall enter into the assembly of Yahweh. (Zikarown Say'fer Bible)"

He looked at me. "Which religion are you?"

"I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses, based off of Isaiah 43:10 where it says, 'You are my witnesses,' is the utterance of Jehovah, 'even my servant whom I have chosen.'"

"It doesn't matter which religion either of you are from. We are all three of us going to die right now." He pulled out a device and continued, "This is a bomb. As soon as I release this lever, we're going to blow up. Even now, this building is being evacuated."

Brett jumped over the table and held the other guys arms together while I grabbed the device. He then grabbed one of the crutches and hit him over the back of the head. The guy was knocked unconscious. Brett grabbed the device from me and told me to run. I nodded and left the room. As I ran towards the exit, I saw the two Bible's on a desk. I grabbed both of them and kicked the doors open. I ran across a parking lot and through a field before ducking down.

The building blew up...

Another jump from scene to scene.


The next thing I know I am at home. We were watching the news on television, which was changing back and forth between riots due to the ban on religion, vandalism of places of worship, and a story about a very dangerous form of leprosy which struck out of nowhere and seeming at random. The worst thing about it was that the victim died within two minutes of the first signs.

Two of my family members came down with the leprosy...

And I woke up for good. That was a crazy dream. I wish it hadn't ended abruptly. Oh well.

The thing is, Jesus Christ warned us of a Great Tribulation that was coming, followed by his return were he would finally destroy the wicked. We should all be alert for that and watch the signs. Which signs? I will write about that later. In the meantime, you can read about this Great Tribulation from the Organization that is being used by Jehovah through His holy spirit. You can read about it here. It is the prayer of all Jehovah's Witnesses that when that time comes, you will have the knowledge that you can survive it.