Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank You, Jehovah

"I will exalt you, O my God the King. And I will bless your name to time indefinite, even forever. All day long I will bless you. And I will praise your name to dime indefinite, even forever. Jehovah is great and very much to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. Generation after generation will commend your works, and about your mighty acts they will tell. The glorious splendor of your dignity and the matters of your wonderful works I will make my concern."-Psalm 145:1-5

Just sit back for one moment and think about Jehovah. Think about our wonderful. Thank our wonderful God. We turned to Him and He removed the veil from over our eyes. He is our Wonderful Maker. He will protect us when are in danger. He will comfort us when we are afraid. He will always be there for us. "For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand. The One saying to you, "Do not be afraid, I myself will help you."-Isaiah 41:13

We spend so much time in our busy days and barely give a thought to our wonderful God. I love you Jehovah. Help me to be a better Christian. Help me to rely on you. Help me to be the type of person that invites your spirit into my life. I know that Jesus Christ, my savior, loves me so much that he died for me and I can always rely on that sacrifice to carry me through. Thank you for all of the spiritual food that you provide and thank you for your sustaining power. Help me to never forget that you care for me and help me, please, to always draw close to you.-1 Peter 5:7; James 4:8

Jehovah God, thank you. Thank you for being so powerful. Thank you for being our wonderful Owner. "Behold, to Jehovah your God belong the heavens, even the heavens of the heavens, the earth and all that is in it." (Deuteronomy 10:14) "God thunders with his voice in a wonderful way, doing great things that we cannot know." (Job 37:5) "Everything He has made pretty in its time. Even time indefinite He has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the true God has made from the start to the finish."-Ecclesiastes 3:11

"Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of the judgment by him has arrived, and so worship the One who made the heaven and the earth and sea and fountains of waters." (Revelation 14:7) Yes, like Jesus my savior, "I love the Father."-John 14:31